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welcome to jl Family services

It is no secret; life can get pretty messy and overwhelming.

Changes within relationships, family, careers and even social pressures can often lead to feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, and high anxiety.

My hope is to help guide and support you through those challenges, reach your personal goals and decrease or end the chaos in your life.

JL Family Services primary goal is to help individuals and families feel happier and build positive relationships.


Therapy is a lot like learning and can help people learn more about themselves and find better ways to overcome daily life stressors.

Sometimes it just feels good to have a person to vent to and learn different and useful techniques to cope. A good therapist will and should help guide you through challenges and provide support.

Therapy and services through JL Family Services offers more then sympathy. We focus on identifying client’s problems, help confront distortions and maladaptive behaviors and mirror healthy coping skills.

Mission Statement
JL Family Services values the importance of individual happiness and aims at offering non-judgmental and supportive services to individuals, couples, and families. Our mission is to aid clients pinpoint problem areas in their life, find healthierresolutions, and achieve happiness.
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